Designing and production

The Aldies Group production units contain the latest technologically advanced equipment for Die manufacture and inspection. This provides a precision product with outstanding accuracy and balance. The whole manufacturing and production process starts with the design. Our highly trained design team take advantage of the unique benefits of aluminium, in combination with the extrusion process, to make a cost-effective product with optimal functionality and an attractive appearance. We always work according to the extruders requirements and can create designs for speed, less pressure, strength, maximum production and simplicity. Every drawing, design and report is stored to a secure file server allowing for quick turnaround on repeat dies and also extrusion results can be feed back to the design team allow for continuous improvement on subsequent designs.

Quality management systems

Aldies Group production units run quality management systems to ensure that only a high quality will be passed on to our customers. Inspection occurs at every stage of the process from design, program, manufacture and prior to final shipment. We strive to improve the future quality of our dies, therefore Die history and customer feedback is documented and used in internal quality standards meetings to ensure critical ISO checks are adhered to and that extrusion results close the loop to continuous improvement.

Samples of dies in a variety of forms and types:

Shipment and cost

Building strong customer relationships is important to Aldies Group run business and is the foundation of providing a good quality product and service. Our strength lies in the knowledge that we have gained over the years and also in our reputation for high quality, fast deliveries and competitive prices. Our policy therefore, has always been to continually improve both our design and manufacturing capability by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and software. We keep the customer informed every step of the way and we provide full support 24 hours / 7 days . We also keep great delivery times, with no return shipment charges, and we have the best prices at the market even if you are intresting in more specialised products. Please contact with any of our partner for more information or offer enquiry.